Can you build a business without being passionate about it?


Can you build a business without being passionate about it?

The answer is YES……..

Can you sustain this business over the long term?

The answer is NO……..

Are you ‘In Love’

I meet so many business owners over the course of my work. Usually within the first 10 mins of any conversation with an owner manager, I can tell whether they are in love with their business or not.

Challenging yourself

Usually at this point I will challenge them about this and ask them what they really want:

Do they want a business that turns a profit for the short term OR
Do they want to build a business that is sustainable over the long term…..
The latter can’t be done without the passion… without the mojo of the owner manager themselves…

Plug the dam or build it better?…

We can usually fix short term problems…

  • stop cash from leaking from the business
  • concentrate on the existing revenues sources and make sure that they continue to yield an income and solidify over the medium term

Then we can focus on identifying new revenue sources we can work on to secure the future of the company… all of these are mechanical solutions that any half good business consultant or advisor will help you with….

Spot the Difference and be GREAT…..

The difference between good consultants and really good advisors is that they will spend as much time trying to give the owner manager a feeling of personal satisfaction as much as business satisfaction.

Falling in Love Again….

Often this is the first issue that needs to be tackled in making a business a GREAT business is to make the business owner FALL IN LOVE with their business again….

  • to reignite the passion….
  • to set a realistic but ambitious vision for the business..
  • to give the business a real purpose again…
  • give it guidelines within which to do its business (Values) and…..
  • set fire to the company’s real potential.

Reigniting the Passion

At the centre of this is knowing what the company is best at.. What it really excels at, the products or services that it has built its reputation on or the ones that it knows will be relevant for the company and is excited about delivering in future.

So tell me what you want…..what you really really want….

So which do you want…. A short term bump in your bottom line, quick fixes that address immediate problems or long term ambitions that makes YOU and your company come really alive….

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