I was working with a group of business owners recently, (it’s a group that I have been working with for a long time now and I consider them more friends than I do clients). I introduced the session to talk about how I felt about my own business at the moment as I am talking to a lot of business owners in the course of any given week, I discovered that my feelings were being echoed by all those that I spoke to…. Those feelings that I discussed were of motivation, mainly that I felt extremely unmotivated at the moment…. To be honest, this has never really happened to me before, usually, I am uber motivated and approach my own business with the same enthusiasm I bring to my client’s business but since the start of this year and yes, it’s probably been that long, I found it hard to drive the initiatives that I had planned before the start of the year.

As it’s a new feeling for me, I just put it down to being tired (I ain’t getting any younger) but when I spent some time analysing it I realised that I probably have never worked as hard as I did last year, and last year built on an exceptionally busy year the previous year, so it’s fair to say I was tired but in truth, I was probably exhausted. When I spoke about this to some clients that had a busy few years they were relieved that it was not just them and they described almost identically the way I was feeling.

I told my group this finding and over half of them said they felt the same….

This is the reason I am writing this blog, mainly to say to those that are feeling like this that it’s not just you!

On the upside, it forced me to take a few days’ holidays and after I had shared this spell with others, I almost instantly started to feel much better and the old drive started to return… So it’s good to take a break & talk about it.  Admit how you feel and even as business owners it’s OK to say you’re not feeling particularly motivated right now… it will come back!